Janice walked back into the building.

Do you have a license to operate a boat?


What exactly did you tell them?

You're very confident, aren't you?

Daniele hit a deer on the highway.


This chicken is fried well.

Sometimes I wonder when the first world championship in cyberbullying will take place.

The passengers were asleep in their cabins when the ship hit a huge iceberg.

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Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

She will turn 15 tomorrow.

I'd prefer to see it.


I told you he was cute.

He detected in her voice a note of apprehension.

We were on our way back from the rehearsals.

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There was a striking resemblance between them.

The Moon is really beautiful tonight.

I really don't have much choice, do I?

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Don't ever leave him alone.

Good morning, how are you?

Don't forget to take your medicine.

I'd like to go.

Thank you for this, Marla.

The root cause of any divorce is marriage.

Tobacco was one of their major crops.

I've come to bring him a gift.

Do you think he's in trouble?

I reconsidered your offer.

We've decided not to get married.


She is a very beautiful woman.

I heard that you had a date with Sanjeev. How was it?

Dan and Linda started to date.

I got nervous.

I'm trying to save him.


I'm sorry for what I have done.

Len is xenophobic.

Darin readily promised to do what we asked him to do.

I wish I could've helped you more.

Mario is busy right now.

The building stands on the river.

Kirsten wants to eat fried rice.

I know I left it somewhere down here in the basement.

In France, mineral water usually is drunk in restaurants.

It looked good.

Dan comes to see me sometimes.


I was up all night writing this report.

Death is both the end and the beginning.

The man walked round the corner.


Like it or not, you have to take this medicine.

What's your favorite free iPad app?

I talked to her.


What does Edith want to do tomorrow?

Statutory rape is defined as sexual relations between one member who is above the age of consent and one who is below, even if their difference in age is insignificant.

A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.

Let's start with what we were talking about yesterday.

How long have you played soccer?

Don't put your head out of the window.

William was an imbecile.

The matres lectionis assist us in reading the words.

The child pooped while he was inside the classroom.

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He made up an excuse.

Having good credit is a prerequisite to applying for a loan.

He often entertained his friends over the weekend.

There is a house on the hill.

I need to think about that.

His failure seems to have something to do with his character.

His mother died when he was young, and his grandmother brought him up.

Far from being bored, we had a very good time.

Parrots imitate the words of humans.

Major left after one year.

The skater spun round and round on the ice.

I really like her a lot.

You really picked a stupid place to pitch your tent.

Miela started to cry when her teachers came.

We seem to have lost Delbert.


These letters can be typed by any secretary.


Stay there a little longer.

I must look after the rabbits.

Are you certain about this? Absolutely certain?


Can I look in there?


The sky was full of clouds that night.

He married a Canadian girl.

How can you be this pessimistic?

Please wait until the end of this month.

The scientist found that rats treated with the chemical lost on average 30% of their weight.


It could be anywhere.

I was at sea as to what to do.

It seems as it was a shot-gun wedding so they're having a quiet wedding with only family and a couple of friends from university invited.

I could not speak to him.

Rodney rose and started to put on his jacket.

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I'm really happy I did that.

I'm really grateful to you.

Let's see if Jurevis can help.

I am busy.

Did you need a laundry basket?

At that time, the title of lady was only used for noblewomen.

That's it, isn't it?

Clem accused him of having stolen the bike.

Can you babysit my boys?


I really miss the old days.

Steven hasn't mentioned you.

He who is born in Sweden is Swedish.

We'll carry it to the barn.

Ave Maria.

The research is finished?

What's your view on war?

He is known as a proficient artist in his field.

Is it OK for some kid to show you up?

I've seen a lot.

Didn't I lend you some books? I'm sure I did.

I can't believe this.

This is the house in which he lived.

I'd like to finish the job.

We are about to land.

A Union army doctor watched the battle from a distance.

No one agreed with me.

The girl wants to know the truth.

I'm against that resolution.


Humor is the affectionate communication of insight.

You've got my personal guarantee.

I wish I had married your sister instead of you.

Today's young literary enthusiasts are afraid of becoming sentimental. This may be because it is a way that one's heart may be hurt.

I heard her sobbing.


I'm waiting for Glen.

We recently discovered an error in your personnel record.

Public opinion is opposed to the policy.

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I bet I can guess.

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We have every reason to be hopeful.

We can't leave.

Mathematics is that branch of science which you could continue to pursue, even if you were to get up in the morning and notice that the universe had disappeared.

You have some food in your teeth.

Please give me a wake-up call at eight o'clock.

I don't understand it at all.

She has three sons, who became sailors.

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You can rely on their coming on time.


She's fainted because of the bad air.

Auxerre recorded their first victory of the season and, at the same time, got out of the red zone.

Don't give it to anyone.

That's not Klingon, that's Greenlandic.

I had been seen.


If you get up early tomorrow, you can see the rising sun.

"Did she buy a watch?" "Yes, she did."

None of the other students spoke to me.


I wish I were clever.

I need to think of my children.

The doctor is gentle with his patients.

Bud is a much better singer than I am.

Spencer has trouble waking up on time.


Following the docking failure of an unmanned Russian freighter to the International Space Station, its partners are considering a temporary mothballing of the station.

It was Rupert, wasn't it?

Adam is fussy.


I hope I can be of some help.

Do you need it again?

This could get interesting.

We've traveled all around Europe.

He looks a bit fat.

If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.

"Gang Wives" is a Yakuza movie released in 1986 by Toei Distribution Network.

Why don't you go over to Irfan's?

Dan's autopsy revealed a surprise.

Her fingers were too weak to fold it.

I have just spoken.

Paul's knowledge of creative bookkeeping has been the secret of his ability to get all the staffing he needs.

Every time we go hiking, he falls behind.

Lock and load.

Well do I remember the night view of Kobe.

A little lie never hurt anybody.

Your lives may be in danger.

"Oh," sighed the duckling, "how thankful I am for being so ugly; even a dog will not bite me."

Boyce was lying to you.

I'm sorry I ruined your party.

We've found a dead dog in the garden.